Before 1976 Education was the exclusive responsibility of the State. The constitutional amendment of 1996 included Education in the concurrent list. While with the formulation of National Policy on Education 1986 India initiated a wide range of programmes for achieving goal of Universalisation of Elementary Education (UEE). Under this operation Black Board, Sikhya Karmi Project, Dist. Primary Education Programme and the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan was the flagship centrally sponsored scheme in partnership with State Governments were initiated for UEE. Then the Right of children to Free and Compulsory Education (RTE) Act-2009 has been implemented to give a legal mandate to provide Free and Compulsory Elementary Education to every child in the age group of 06-14 years. Also the Rastriya Madhyamika Shiksha Abhiyan (RMSA) scheme initiated in 2009 for giving supports to Secondary Education System. In the year 2013-14 various schemes like ICT in Schools, Vocationalisation of Secondary Education, Inclusive Education at Secondary stage way subsumed. The Centrally Sponsored Scheme restructuring and reorganization of Teacher Education (CSSTE) was initiated in 1987 pursuant to the formulation of the NPE 1996. Given the shift in the approach to development of school education from input based to outcome based central sector interventions as and envisaged in the documents entitled “ India: 3 years action agenda 2017-20, Nitti Ayoga-2017, a paradigm shift is envisaged in the approach to centrally sections spending on School Education. Accordingly a combined scheme to be incentivized states towards improving quality education. So an integrated scheme on school education is implemented in the States called as Samagra Shiksha. All the previous scheme from Pre-Nursery to Higher Secondary Education (Class-12) clubbed in Samagra Shiksha (single scheme).

Objective on Samagra Shiksha:

  1. To provide school access, infrastructure development and retention from Pre-Primary to Higher Secondary Schools.
  2. Addressing gender and equity issued in school education.
  3. To address all the children with special needs from Pre-Primary to Higher Secondary Schools.
  4. To address the quality interventions.
  5. To address the Teacher Education and Teachers Training as a quality manner.
  6. To use of information and communication technology (ICT) in School education.
  7. Vocationalisation of School Education to addressing the extracurricular activities in school education.

Under the Samagra Shiksha following activities, interventions are initiated:-


  1. SATH : Sustainable Action for Transforming Human Capital – Education

Under this road map 15 initiatives are taken up for improving access, equity, accountability, capability and quality. Thos 15 initiatives are;

  • School rationalization
  • Access
  • Teachers HM vacancies on Transfer
  • Core Pedagogy
  • Remediation
  • MLE
  • In Service Training
  • Breezing of Class-IX
  • Tech Pilot
  • Assessments
  • Academic and School Monitoring
  • Accountability and reviews
  • Organizational changes to derive more effectiveness, academic focus.
  • Management Information System.
  • Capacity Building for middle management.

Under these initiatives programme taken up

  1. Teachers Training on SATH Module-completed in the month of February-2019
  2. LEP Books distribution-under progress
  • School level remediation programme – will be started after opening of school.
  1. School Monitoring will be started from the reopening of school after summer vacation.
  1. Transport & Escort Facilities to the Students of Govt. elementary Schools:

This facilities has been provided to those students live in a habitation, which is  more than 1K.M from their Primary School ( In case of Primary Students) and more than 3 K.M. ( in case of Upper Primary Schools .(It is an entitlement under RTE Act.)@ Rs 600 per month per students for 10 months.

In the year 2018-19, PAB approved for 339 nos. of students. But district has found out 506 nos. of eligible students as proposed by the BEOs. Accordingly it is suggested to provide the facilities to all the students keep the budget intact. As total fund as approved has not received by the district, so @Rs 2400.00 may be provided per students for 10 month.( File in Progress)

  • 3. Uniform:

2 pairs of Uniform and one pair of black shoes with 2 pairs of white shocks has been Provided to 44101 nos. of students    (Girls -23258, SC /ST and BPL Boys – 20843) @ Rs.600/- per students for the year 2018-19.

  • 4. Free Text Book:

Under the collaboration of Samagra Sikshya and State Govt. Free Text book has been provided to all the Students of Govt. & Govt. Aided Schools from Class I to Class VIII.

5. Reimbursement of Fee against 25% Admission under Section 12 (1) (c ) of RTE Act 2009 (Entry Level)In Jharsuguda out of 101 nos. of Pvt. School, 93 nos. of Pvt. Schools have Elementary Section or starting from class 1 or below. Out of 93 only 37 nos. of School have their COR (Provide by District Education Officer, Jharsuguda).  Detail admissions for the year in the year 2018-19 are given below.

Detail admissions for the year in the year 2018-19
Sl.No. Block Name Total No. of Pvt. Unaided School (Recognized with admission) Children Admitted in Children Admitted in Children Admitted in Children Admitted in Children Admitted in Children Admitted in
Nursery Class-I Class-II Class-III Class-IV Total
1 Jharsuguda 45 0 633 628 597 567 2425
2 Kolabira 4 0 24 29 29 24 106
3 Lakhanpur 12 99 65 107 44 34 349
4 Kirmira 2 0 15 16 16 10 57
5 Laikera 4 0 20 18 15 15 68
Total 67 99 757 798 701 650 3005

Reimbursement fee directly released to the BEOs concerned from DEE, BBSR.

6. Out of school Children and Special Training:In the year 18-19, in Jharsuguda 91nos of students are Out of schools. Similarly for the year 2019-20, 89 nos. of Out of school students are found out as per the information submitted by the BEOs. Details are given below.

    Out of school Children and Special Training:
    Sl.No. Block Name No. of Out of School Children identified (2018-19) No. of Out of School Children identified (2019-20)
    1 Jharsuguda 59 83
    2 Kolabira 6
    3 Lakhanpur 18 6
    4 Kirmira 1
    5 Laikera 7
    Total 91 89
  • 7. Media Community Mobilization (Elementary)
  • Formation of School management committee:-SMC formation and Training: SMC has been formed in all Govt. Elementary schools as per norms. 19 nos. of SMC has been formed in the following manners.

Parents =  12 (Male-06, Female-06), Teachers Representative-01, Student-02,Asha Karmi & AWW -02, Sarapancha, Ward Member-01, HM-01

  • Pravesh utsav and Purna upasthan Diwas:- Pravesh Utsav( Enrolment Drive) & Purna Upastana Divas were conducted from 3rd to 6th April  in all Govt & Govt. aided schools of the District in each year.
  • 8. LEP, Innovation and Guidance:

Learning Enhancement Programme:

  • Provision of work book: This work book has been provided to all students for improving their quality in reading, writing and understanding Skill. For the year 2019-20.
  • Remediation Ujjwal: To improve the reading, writing and understanding skills of the students as per their grade competency (Class-II to Class-V). The remediation classes are to be conducted in all Govt. Elementary Schools.
  • Remediation Utthan : To improve the reading ,writing and understanding skills of the students as per their grade competency (Class-VI to Class-VIII) The remediation classes are to be conducted in all Govt. Elementary Schools.
  • Community dairy: This dairy has been provided to all SMC members per year 1 note book. Accordingly in the year 2018-19 this dairy has already been provided.
  • Sishu Mahotsav (SURAVI) :- The sishu mahotsav Suravi has been conducted at cluster,block,district and state level every year to facilitate children’s creativity.
  • Observation of Swachhata pakshya: – The swachhata pakshya has been observed from 1st to 15 Sep in all govt. and govt, aided school in each year for awareness of health and sanitation among children’s.
  • 10. Grants:
  • School Grant:

School Grant provided in the following manner:Enrollment up to 100: Rs 25000/-Enrollment from 101 to 250: Rs 50000/-Enrollment from 251 to 1000; Rs 75000/-Enrollment from 1001 and above: Rs 100000/-For the year 2018-19 School Grant has already been released to the school

  • Library Grant:

Composite Elementary School (Class I to VIII): Rs 7000/-Upper Primary School (Class VI to VIII): Rs 5000/-Primary School (Class I to V): Rs 3000/-For the year 2018-19 this grant has already been released.

  • Sport Grant:

Primary School: Rs 5000/-Upper Primary School: Rs 10000/-For the Year 2018-19 grant has already been released

  • 11. Provision for BRC & CRCCs:

In Jharsuguda District, there are 05 no. of BEOs and in 5nos of Blocks one ABEO is assigned as BRCC in the Block and all 05 no. of BRCCs are in Position in 5no.s of Blocks. There are 59 nos. of CRCs are functioning in the District.

  • 12. Self Defense Training:

Self Defense Training (8 days non-residential) will be given to girls students of Upper Primary Schools by lady resource persons @ Rs. 6000/- per venue will be spent for 50 participants and total 1950 nos. of girls students of 39 nos. of Upper Primary schools will be covered.

  • 13. Children with Special Needs

Inclusive Education not only for enrollment, retention and provide quality education to the all category of Children with Special Needs, like residential bridge course, home based education, skill development camp, theme based camp, speech training, parent counseling, vocational training, teachers training, medical assessment camp, distributions of aids & appliances, surgery, escort & transport, exposure visit etc.

Children with Special Needs 
Sl. No Name of the activity Details of activity No of Physical achievement Completed
1 World Disabled Day  Blocks (Conducted at District Headquarter Jharsuguda  Collaboration with DSSO, Jharsuguda) 5 nos. of  Blocks 1  District Level venue
2 Distribution of Hearing Aid 71 nos. of students x 2 pairs  &  5 students x 1
( one)   Total 75 students
147  nos. of Hearing Aids 75 students
3 Distribution of  wheel Chair  17 nos. of wheel chairs are distributed to 17 nos. of students at World Disabled Day. 17  nos. of Wheel Chairs 17 students
4 Distribution of Spectacle 30 nos. of spectacles are distributed to Low Vision students at Peetha Camp of GP Level of Jharsuguda District. 30 nos. of  Spectacles 30 students
5 Medical Assessment Camp Conducted at 09 nos. of venues of 05 Blocks for identification of CWSN students from 06 years to 18 years. 9 nos. of  Medical Assessment Camps 9 Venues
6 Eye Surgery One student    ( eye surgery  at LV Prasad, BBSR) 1 nos. of  eye surgery 1 student
7 Girls Stipend Allowance Girls   (class-1 to 12) each girl @ Rs 2000/-only. Under Process 165  nos. of  girls stipend Allowances 165 Girls
8 Books & stationary Allowance Boys & Girls    ( class- 9 to 12) each boy l @ Rs 1000/- & each Girl @ Rs 1000/- 91 Books & Stationary allowances 91 students
9 Distribution of Braille Books Braille books have been distributed to 26 nos. of visually Impaired CWSN from class-1 to 8. 26 nos. of Braille books 26 students
10 Distribution of Large Print Books Large Print Books have been distributed to 42 nos. of Low Vision students from class- 2 to 8. 42 nos. of Large Print Books 42 students
11 Uniform allowance Boys & Girls ( class- 9 to 12) each Boy @ Rs 400/-& each girl 400/- 91 nos. of Uniform allowances 91 students
12 Escort & Transport Allowances Boys & Girls students.  ( class-  1 to 12) Escort allowance – each student @ Rs 3000/-75% to above all category of disability except HI category from class -1 to 12, Transport allowance- each student @ Rs 3000/-60% to 74% disability & HI category 75% to above disability from class-1 to 8 & another transport allowance from class- 9 to 12 – each student @ Rs 1000/-only 40% to 74% all category & HI 40% to above for ten months. 399 nos.  of Escort & Transport allowances 399 students
13 Exposure Visit  05 nos. of exposure visit place have been completed. 5 nos. of  Exposure visit Places 450 Participants (Per venue 90 Participants including guardians & RPs-CWSN)
Category Nos. of  School( CL 1 to 10) Enrolments CL 1 to 10)
Govt. 640 51951
Aided 59 6694
PVT 101 30929
Total 800 89574
Category >Nos. of  School( CL 1 to 8) Enrolments CL 1 to 8)
Govt. 573 35508
Aided 21 1345
PVT 65 10081
Total 659 46934
Category >Nos. of  School( CL 1 to 10) Enrolments CL 1 to 10)
Govt. 67 16443
Aided 38 5349
PVT 36 20848
Total 141 42640