Sarva Sikshya Abhiyan & Implementation of Right to Education Act.

In Orissa SSA has been implemented in 30 districts since 2001 with the following objectives

  • All children of 6-14 years age group in school by 2003.
  • All children to complete 5 years of schooling by 2007.
  • All children to complete 8 years of schooling by 2010.
  • Universal retention by 2010.
  • Bridge all gender and social category gaps at primary stage by 2007 and at Upper Primary stage by 2010.
  • Focus on Elementary Education of satisfactory quality with focus on education for life.

Teachers Training:

  • Every year under SSA there is provision of imparting refresher in-service training in various modules like theme based training and subject specific training like English, Odia, Math, and Science for 10 days at BRC and CRC level.


  • Ensuring that all students of Govt. Primary & Upper Primary School are able to read & write.
  • Ensuring that they are fluent in Odia both written & oral.
  • Ensuring that they have class appropriate competency in Math & English.
  • Ensuring that they imbibe good values.
  • Ensuring that they are taught basic of good conduct.

Supply of Uniform:

  • Under SSA: As per provision, 2 sets of Uniforms have been provided to all (all Girls, SC-ST Boys and BPL Boys) students of all Govt. Schools. And from State Govt. 2 sets of Uniform have been provided to all students of Govt. Aided Schools and APL boys of Govt. School from Class I to VIII.

Supply of Free Textbook:

  • The Free Text Books have been provided to all students reading from class-I to VIII students of Govt and Govt. Aided Schools of Jharsuguda District.

Reading Campaign

  • In Jharsuguda District 24,275 nos of Students have been registered under “Bahi Mora Sathi” and regularly books are being provided from school.
  • At the time of returning the books to school, the students are encouraged to speak something about moral of the content whatever he/she read.

Transport/Escorts Facilities

  • Students of school less habitations of the district have been provided Transport/Escort [at] Rs 300.00 per month (all working days) facilities as per the norm under RTE.

Annual Grant

School Improvement Grant [at] Rs 5000/- per primary School/Section and [at] Rs 7000.00 per Upper primary School/Section has been provided as per norm under SSA. Teachers grant [at] Rs 500.00 per teacher, per year have been provided for preparation of Teaching Learning Material at School /Class level. Repair and maintenance Grant has been provided as per nos of Class room under the District average maximum  [at] Rs 7500.00 per school per year.

  • SIG will be utilised in the following manner
  • Purchasing of Chalk, duster, register, notebook, pen, sctech pen, globe, chart, chart paper, pencil, rubber, sharpener, scale, stapler, steppler pin, punch, paper weight, pin, gum, etc.
  • Books for Library.
  • Purchasing of Dari, asana, repairing of Black Board, Sport material, display board, different corner,  science equipment, paper, newspaper, Sishu Patrika, payment of electric bill, maintenance of toilet, water bill, cleanness of school environment etc.
  • Celebration of different national festival & School festival.

Educational Kit:

Educational Kit ( Khata, pen, Pencil, Bag, colour pencil silat etc) have been provided to all Students of Govt. Primary School.

Inclusive Education:

Spl Training to students, Ear module, Escort facilities, wheel chair, tricycle, miner and major operation, Teacher training, Braille books exposure visit etc. Has been provided to CWSN (Child with Special Need) Students under the age group 6-14

All from the above, SSA provided self defence training to Upper primary Girls, SMC members training, Story tailing and collection , folklore collection from ST students, different types of girls camps, subjective mella, Suravi, Computer aided Learning in Upper primary Schools, Spl Training ( for drop out/ Never enrolled Students) ,awareness on Right to Education Act etc. Admission in Pvt. Schools under RTE Act etc for the betterment of Education.

Category Nos of  School( CL 1 to 10) Enrolments CL 1 to 10)
Govt 676 54672
Aided 59 6042
PVT 102 30535
Total 837 91249
Elementary ( Section )
Category No of School( CL 1 to 8) Enrolments CL 1 to 8)
Govt 659 46827
Aided 21 1425
PVT 94 26558
Total 774 74810
Secondary ( Section )
Category No of School( Cl-9 to 10) Enrolments CL 9 to 10)
Govt 67 7845
Aided 38 4617
PVT 32 3977
Total 137 16439