Governance and Organization Structure of the DMF Trust

The DMF Trust is headed by the District Collector who acts as the Chairperson-Cum-Managing Trustee of the Trust and Project Director (PD), District Rural Development Agency (DRDA) acts as the Member & Chief Executive Officer of the Trust.

Board of Trustees

Board Member

The Planning Co-ordination Department, Odisha has constituted the Board of Trustees of District Mineral Foundation for the District of Jharsuguda vide Notification No. 7666 dt. 12/06/2017. The Board of Trustees for the District Mineral Foundation Trust, Jharsuguda are presented in the table below.

Sl. No. Name / Position in district Designation in Board of Trustee
1 Collector, Jharsuguda Chairman-cum-Managing Trustee
2 Project Director, DRDA, Jharsuguda Chief Executive Officer and Ex-officio, Member
3 Additional District Magistrate, Jharsuguda Ex-officio, Member
4 Deputy Director, Mines, Sambalpur Ex-officio, Member
5 Divisional Forest Officer, Jharsuguda Ex-officio, Member
6 Executive Engineer, Rural Works, Jharsuguda Division Ex-officio, Member
7 Executive Engineer, RWS&S, Jharsuguda Division Ex-officio, Member
8 Executive Engineer, R&B, Jharsuguda Division Ex-officio, Member
9 District Welfare Officer, Jharsuguda Ex-officio, Member
10 CDM&PHO, Jharsuguda Ex-officio, Member
11 Shri Suresh Pujari, Hon’ble MP, (Lok Sabha), Bargarh Ex-officio, Member
12 Shri Naba Kishore Das, Hon’ble MLA, Jharsuguda Ex-officio, Member
13 Shri Kishore Kumar Mohanty, Hon’ble MLA, Brajarajnagar Ex-officio, Member
14 Deputy Director, DPMU, Jharsuguda Ex-officio, Member
15 Shri Samal Naik, Member of Zilla Parisad, Lakhanpur Ex-officio, Member
16 Smt. Shanti Pradhan, Chairperson, Panchayat Samiti, Lakhanpur Member
17 Shri Rajendra Naik, Sarpanch, Bandbahal G.P, Lakhanpur Member
18 Smt. Sobhagini Bhoi, Member of Panchayat Samiti, Chandinmal G.P, Jharsuguda Member

The Chairperson may invite such other officials to the meetings of the Board, as he may consider necessary. The Board shall meet at least twice in a financial year. The quorum for the Board shall be fifty percent of the members

Managing Committee

In pursuance to Rule-6 of the Odisha DMF rules, 2015 the Collector & Chairman-cum-Managing Trustee of the DMF Trust, do here by constitute the Executive Committee of the Trust with the following members: –

Sl. No. Name / Position in district Designation in Board
1 Collector, Jharsuguda Chairperson
2 PD, DRDA-cum-CEO, DMF, Jharsuguda Member-cum- Secretary
3 Divisional Forest Officer, Jharsuguda Member
4 Executive Engineer, RWS&S, Jharsuguda Division Member
5 Executive Engineer, Rural Works, Jharsuguda Division Member
6 Deputy Director, Mines, Sambalpur Member
7 Asst. Director, Horticulture, Jharsuguda Member

M/s PricewaterhouseCoopers Pvt, Ltd, who is a multinational management consulting firm in India as well as Globally has been selected by DMF Trust to establish and manage a dedicated Project Management Unit (PMU) for enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the DMF. The resources of this PMU have been deployed since 30th November 2017.

Meetings of the Board of Trustees and Executive Committee

No of Meeting Board Meeting Executive Committee Meetings
1 21-04-2016 19-07-2016
2 22-08-2016 19-08-2016
3 07-03-2017 29-09-2016
4 23-11-2017 04-11-2016
5 09-04-2018 19-12-2016
6 23-12-2019 29-03-2017
7 23-05-2020 29-05-2017
8 25-08-2021 26-10-2017
9 21-03-2018
10 06-01-2018
11 27-07-2018
12 05-10-2018
13 18-01-2019
14 25-09-2019
15 19-03-2021