History of DMF

The Mine and Minerals Development and Regulation (Amendment) Act 2015, has created provisions for sharing the mineral wealth with communities in the mining areas. The Act provides for the establishment of the District Mineral Foundation (DMF) for the benefit of the people and areas affected mining related operations. The overall objective of DMF is to implement various developmental and welfare projects in mining affected areas and these projects intends to minimize the adverse impacts during after mining on the environment, health, education, Welfare of Aged & Disables and socio-economic of the people in mining districts and to ensure long term sustainable livelihoods for the affected people in mining areas.

As DMF funds are treated as extra-budgetary resources for the State Plan, efforts are made to achieve convergence with the State and the District Plans so that the activities taken up by the DMF, Jharsuguda can supplement the development and welfare activities already being carried out for the welfare of mining areas and affected population. With reference to order no 241 of Planning & Coordination Department, Government of Odisha, it was directed to form the District Mineral Foundation, Jharsuguda and the board is formed accordingly. In all those previous board meetings a shelf of projects has been approved. Over the past three years, DMF, Jharsuguda have allocated spectacular amount of funds i.e., Rs 2408.72 Crore towards high priority sectors and other priority sectors such as drinking water, Environment Preservation and Pollution Control Measures, Health Care, Education, Welfare of Women and Children, Welfare of Aged and Disabled People, Skill Development and Livelihood, Housing and Sanitation, Physical Infrastructure, Irrigation, Energy and watershed development sectors.

The contribution to DMF, Jharsuguda has been made effective from 12 January, 2015 though DMF was notified only on 16 September 2015 as per the notification of Central Government. DMF, Jharsuguda has collected a spectacular amount of fund from the Major mining lessee like MCL, TRL and Minor mining lessee like Tahsildar of all 5 Tahasils & OCL etc.

As mentioned above DMF, Jharsuguda has a clear aim for the welfare and development of the mining affected population and all the dedications are moving towards the fulfillment of the aim since its inception. Mining related operations are largely affecting the local people and therefore, it is especially necessary to take special care and attention in an organized and structured manner so as to ensure these areas and affected persons will be benefitted by the DMF fund in their regions and are empowered to improve their standard of living, for which the DMF Board and the entire team is committed.