Mission and Visions of District Mineral Foundation , Jharsuguda

District Mineral Foundation Trust, Jharsuguda (DMFT) has a very focused mission “to work towards the holistic development and rehabilitation of the mining affected population and areas affected by mining”. For fulfilling this mission, DMFT, Jharsuguda has fixed the overall responsibility for engaging with the mining affected communities, develop and implement projects that alleviate the impact of mining on these communities and areas. DMFT also having the mission towards the mitigation of adverse impacts of mining activities on communities and environment, and create sustainable development opportunities for current and future generations in a focused manner. It undertakes the following activities towards the achievement of the Vision and Mission of DMFT:

  • Coordinate amongst various government agencies at field level for successful implementation of projects that successfully meet the vision and mission of DMF.
  • Coordinate with Planning and Convergence Department for various project related information.
  • Encourage WSHGs, AWWs and other CBOs in Livelihood related projects, social mobilization and participation in the activities of DMF.
  • Undertake planning & designing, according approvals and implementation of projects under DMF.
  • Monitor development of projects within the district by various line departments.
  • Proper Addressing of Grievances of the mining affected communities and ensuring regular follow up with line departments for swift redressal of grievances.
  • Ensure convergence of various welfare and developmental programmes for socio-economic developments in mining affected areas.
  • Receive, maintain, manage, utilize and release funds with reference to Odisha District Mineral Foundation Rule and Notification.
  • Identify and undertake suitable rehabilitation projects, following due procedures.
  • Appoint third party auditors for ensuring quality standards of implementation.
  • Ensure entitlements reach the desired and eligible beneficiaries in a fair, transparent and smooth manner.
  • Monitoring and maintenance of various developmental projects completed by the District Mineral Foundation.
  • Implementing sustainable projects in Livelihood sectors for the areas affected by mining operation.
  • Ensuring proper utilization of fund abiding the ODMF Rule & Regulation.
  • Coordination with different stakeholders for the progress of the project implemented out of DMF.
  • Interaction with the Local representative and other stakeholders to identify the real issues for mitigation.
  • Any other work as entrusted by the Planning and Convergence Department or State Government of Odisha.