Sl. No. Sphere P.I.O./Nodal Officer A.P.I.O. Appellate Authority
1 DPO/DCRB/HRPC/IAHTU/IUCAW/RO, Jharsuguda Smt. Lolita Lakra , OPS ,DSP, Contact No.06645-270776 Shri Gagan Kailiyar Mohanta , Inspr. of Police, (Armed),Jharsuguda
Contact No.88959-94236
Smit P.Parmar IPS Superintendent of Police, Jharsuguda
Contact No.-06645-270808
2 SDPO,Jharsuguda Shri Nirmal Ku . Mohapatra, OPS, SDPO, Jharsuguda
Contact No.-06645- 272717
ASI Suren PatelO/o SDPO. Jharsuguda
Contact No.-06645- 272717
3 SDPO,Brajrajnagar Shri Chintmani Pradhan, OPS, SDPO., Brajrajnagar Contact No.06645-242022 ASI Vinay Santosh Sanga O/o SDPO., Brajrajnagar
Contact No.06645-242022
4 Jharsuguda P.S. Inspector Ranjan Ku. Bariha,IIC, Jharsuguda P.S.
Contact No.- 06645- 272736
Swadhin Ku. Sethy, S.I. of Police,Jharsuguda P.S.
Contact No.-06645- 272736
5 Sadar P.S. Inspector Swapnarani Gochhayat, IIC, Sadar P.S.
Contact No.- 06645- 270007
Surjan Panna S.I. of Police,Jharsuguda Sadar P.S.
Contact No.-06645- 270007
6 Badmal P.S. Inspr.Rajendra Sial, IIC, Badmal P.S.
Contact No-06645- 277069
Gajendra Banchhor, S.I. of Police, Badmal P.S.
Contact No.-06645- 277069
7 Kolabira P.S SI Santosh Ku . Pradhan, I/C, Kolabira P.S.
Contact No. 06640-285124
Prakash Ch.Dalei,SI of Police, Kolabira P.S.
Contact No.- 06640-285124
8 Laikera P.S. Inspector Dillip Ku.Behera,IIC, Laikera P.S.
Contact No.06640- 282038
Tophani Pradhan SI of Police,Laikera P.S.,
Contact No.-06640- 282038
9 Airport PS Inspector Surubabu Chhatria, IIC, Airport PS
Contact No. 88959-65867
Saroj Ku.Naik SI of Police,Airport P.S.,
Contact No.- 88959-65867
10 Brajrajnagar P.S. Inspr. Dhabaleswar Sahu, IIC, Brajrajnagar PS
Contact No.06645-242032
Dasrath Tudu SI of Police,Brajrajnagar P.S.
Contact No.-06645-242032
11 Orient P.S. Inspector Rosalin Patel, IIC, Orient P.S.
Contact No.06645-242052
Laxmipriya Mallik S.I. of Police, Orient P.S.
Contact No.-06645-242052
12 Belpahar P.S. Inspr. Krishna Ch.Meher, IIC, Belpahar P.S.
Contact No.06645-250242
Bhabani Prasad Lenka, S.I. of Police,Belpahar P.S.
Contact No.-06645-250242
13 Banaharpali P.S. Inspector Ranjit Naik, IIC, Banaharpali PS
Contact No.06645-222611
Binita Tappo SI of Police,Banaharpali PS
Contact No.-06645-222611
14 Lakhanpur P.S. Inspr.Sandhaya Rani Jena, IIC, Lakhanpur P.S.
Contact No.06645-252212
Anasuya Sahu,S.I. of Police,
Contact No.-06645-252212
15 Rengali P.S. nspr.Kamal Lochan Behera, IIC, Rengali P.S.
Contact No.06645-254097
Ashutosh Mohanty, SI of Police Rengali P.S.
Contact No.- 06645-254097