Social Welfare

Women Welfare

One Stop Centre

One Stop Centres (OSC) are indented to support Women affected by violence in Private & Public spaces within the family, community & all the work place. Women facing physical, sexual, emotional, psychological & economic abuse irrespective of age, class, caste, educational status. Role & Culture will be facilitated with Support &redressal.

The main objective of the scheme are:- To facilitate, immediate, emergency & non-emergency access to a range of serious including medical, legal, psychological & counselling support under one roof to fight against any forms of violence against women.


BBBP Scheme is to celebrate the girl child & enable her education. The objective of the scheme as under

  • To prevent gender biased sex selective elimination.
  • To ensure survival & Protection of the girl child.
  • To ensure education & participation of the girl child.


With the support of State Social Welfare Board, Government of Odisha, SEHADA has established FamilyCounselling Centre to provide moral, legal, counselling& referral support to women victims of atrocities. Establishment in the year 1999-2000 and it serves the entire district of Jharsuguda.

What does Family Counselling involve?

  • Each family member’s view of the situation and their needs are discussed. Unhelpful and helpful patterns of interaction are identified. The counsellor helps the family work towards common goals.
  • The family is a system of which each individual member is a part of. Therefore, an individual’s behaviour is influenced by how the family functions. The counsellor helps family members communicate with one other effectively, develop skills to resolve issues faced and enhance their relationships with each other.

During the reporting period different type of cases received and provided counselling, shelter, vocational training legal and moral support by FCC.Family Counselling centre has been conducting awareness programme on Domestic Violence Act-2005 at different community of the district.


Victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, unwed mother, trafficking, widow and economic crisis have a place to turn to help in SWADHAR home. SWADHAR has flexible and innovative approach to cater to the requirement of various types of women in distress in diverse situations under different conditions. More specifically it caters to the requirements of the women in distress as regards primary need, shelter, medical, emotional support, counseling, rehabilitation, clinical, and legal support.

Our Mission:

Safe Shelter is committed to empowering victims of physical, emotional, and sexual violence by offering information which will allow them to choose their own courses of action and by supporting them as they act on those choices. We are further committed to educating the public on the issues surrounding domestic and sexual violence so that together we may challenge societal attitudes which condone the use of violence as a means of gaining and maintaining power and control over another person.

Our Primary Objectives:

  • To provide crisis intervention, advocacy, emergency shelter, supportive counselling, information, and referral services for women victims.
  • To work with other helping agencies to provide appropriate treatment to families experiencing domestic violence and sexual assault.
  • To coordinate a quality and supportive community approach concerning the treatment of domestic violence and sexual assault victims by law enforcement, health care workers, social services personnel, mental health practitioners, and others in a position to assist victims.
  • To provide information on domestic violence and sexual assault to the community in order to dispel myths, thus building a greater awareness of the issues and generating social change.
  • To aid in the prevention of dating violence and date rape by distributing materials appropriate for adolescents and young adults.
  • To gather and disseminate information concerning the incidence of personal violence in our communities.

Our Primary Services:

  • Crisis intervention through personal and phone contact, available 24 hours a day.
  • Temporary, emergency shelter for victims and their children.
  • Support Counselling for victims in both individual and group settings.
  • Advocacy is provided for those victims needing support and assistance at the doctor’s or lawyer’s office, at the hospital, when talking to law enforcement and social services personnel, and in matters concerning housing and employment.
  • Information about and referrals to other appropriate helping agencies.
  • Information and education for the community on the issues surrounding domestic and sexual violence.

PWDV Act 2005

The Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act 2005.

The main features of this Law are as follows the basic Objective is Preventing Domestic Violence. The right of Women to be face from domestic violence has been recognised Domestic Violence has been explicitly recognised as a violence of Women human rights. It gives a definition of domestic violence that is braid &covers various aspects of domestic violence physical, mental, emotional, economic & sexual.